Leadership Teams

We believe leadership is not a position but a calling. With that calling comes the personal requirement to mature and develop godly character to serve others. There must be a hunger to dig into Scripture and time set aside to worship and pray in the Spirit in order to receive fresh revelation. Covering all this must be a passion for God, for prayer and for a full surrender to His Love. God uses such leaders in this place to support the work, develop ministry and develop the lives of those under their care. This is the kind of servant leadership Jesus modeled in Luke 22:25-27, and it produces something more than leaders, it produces true "sons and daughters" in the faith. This is what makes our church very different.

Through this we have developed a culture of love, honor, transparency and accountability that touches every aspect of our church and personal lives. We expect our leadership team, and all those who call this place home, to be open, gracious and faithful. We expect everyone to love, honor, encourage and respect others in word and in deed. Most of all, we want this to be a place where God feels welcomed and wanted. Our desire is to make this church a genuine habitation of God's Presence where people come to be saved, healed, set free and find their identity so they can be released into their God-given destiny.

LifeCCC Elders
(front row):

Senior Pastors William & Esther Emmons

(back row from left to right): Matthew & Amber Baird: Licensed Elders in training Associate Pastors Chris & Jessica Byrd: Ordained Ministers Rose Woolley: Licensed Elder Mark & Gail Gillen: Licensed Elders in training Will & Chris Armstrong: Licensed Elders in training

LifeCCC Deacons
(left to right):
Kim & Wendy Mania: Head Deacons
Ed & Kim Hunter
Jon & Sarah Vidulich
James & Christie Emmons
(not in picture)